We would like to thank the following graphic designers and photographers for their work. Our website is better because of them. Their work was generously made available under creative common licenses, allowing commercial use and modifications.

  • Andrew Moore, Golden Gate Bridge
  • Dvortygirl, Pencils
  • Markus Spiske, Equation, Country Road, Office
  • Sagiev Farid, Icons
  • DesignBolts, Heart Icon
  • Andrii Slonchak, City Skyline
  • Rick Harris, Typewriter

Other photographs and graphics were created by us or our clients (organization logos, particularly). Many of the photographs were taken by Guiding Type co-founders Stephen McConnell and Ashley Teatum during their travels in Colorado, PennsylvaniaVermont, Wyoming, and Alabama. If we did not properly attribute your work, please contact us immediately.