Content Development Partnerships

Web Developers, Marketing/Public Relations Companies, Ad Agencies

Businesses/Nonprofits: United States and International

Why partner with Guiding Type?

Content development is a labor-intensive process — from ideation, to writing, to editing, to proofing the final draft. We can become a valuable resource you can turn to anytime during this process. 

We see value in forming partnerships because it gives us time to get to know your brand and your clients. In turn, we will consistently produce content for you that stays on brand and that meets your client's expectations. Think of us as part of your team, someone who can offer fresh ideas and perspectives or someone you can leverage to free up resources to focus on other tasks.

In addition, we offer content creation and development expertise that you may not currently have on staff. We may bridge a skill gap or complement the skills of your team, thus allowing you to bring more resources to the table to address the needs of your business or your clients. 

How is the relationship structured?

That depends on how we need to structure it to get the job done. By calling this a partnership, we're not asking for a merger or saying we must be given credit on a project. Think of us as a subcontractor, a consultant, or a freelance content development firm that will provide you with a reliable and consistent stream of work that aligns with your expectations and goals.

We can discuss how best to structure our work relationship, as well as defining timetables and a fee structure that works for both of us. We're not so much concerned with precisely how our partnership is structured. We're concerned that it is structured appropriately for both our companies' needs. 

The value of this arrangement stems from our reliability, our consistent content production, and our familiarity with your brand and your clients. Additionally, you know you have a valued team member in your corner that you can turn to when the need arises.