Content Creation and Development 

Professional Writing and Editing Services

You name it, we'll deliver,
from white papers to tweets.

Brand messaging created from scratch or enhanced in collaboration with you.

Our Approach 

We develop content that informs and persuades and that will resonate with your target audiences. But writing is actually one of the last steps in our process.

Before we begin writing, we evaluate the following items to make sure we are properly tailoring your messaging and content to your brand and audience:

  • Target Audience(s)

    • Primary, Secondary, Tertiary 

  • Your Brand 

    • Your style, including conforming with existing messaging

  • Your Business/Marketing Goals/Unique Selling Proposition

  • Data

    • Incorporating keywords and other analytics data

    • Developing or adhering to SEO strategy

  • Medium 

    • Tailoring messaging to particular content mediums

      • Examples: Blog, Web Copy, Email Marketing, Social Media, White Paper

  • Visual (Multimedia)  

    • Tailoring message to current website aesthetic and other messaging aesthetics 

      • Creating or recommending multimedia to complement content

  • Information Architecture

    • Website Structure / Layout / Content Organization

  • Layout

    • Creating layouts for messaging or adhering to existing layouts