3 Stage Process

Content Creation and Development Strategies

Print. Digital and Social Media

We work with new brands who need to develop new messaging and brand projection campaigns with little to no existing material or established brands who are looking for fresh perspective and approaches. Our process can be distilled into three stages: 

  • Content Audit:

    • We will evaluate your existing messaging material, including marketing and promotional campaigns, web copy and other content you have developed as well as the visual aesthetics of your messaging. This will give us a good gauge as to the level and complexity of your existing campaigns. It will also help us get to know your brand: for example, your taglines, your language, your culture. This will allow us to develop campaigns that accurately reflect your brand and image.

    • If you are starting from scratch, we'll interview you and potentially other stakeholders to develop your brand in collaboration with you. 

  • Evaluate:

    • We will examine your market, your audience, and your products/services. We want to understand and evaluate your target audience(s), demographics, whom you wish to reach and why you think you can market to these audiences.

    • We will get a sense of your unique selling point(s) so that we can put together language that clearly and strongly reflects the strength of your brand and your offerings.

    • We will sift through your web analytics data to develop a quantitative, data-driven portrait of your audience, including how they reached your site (what keywords they used and through which marketing channels). 

    • We will work to understand your capabilities, particularly the expertise of your staff, so we know how best to help you reach your business goals through the resources and expertise you have on hand.

  • Execute:

    • We will create an actionable plan that combines all of our findings from the content audit and evaluation phases.

    • We will develop model print, digital, and social media campaigns for you that you will be able to use. It will also give you models to develop your own campaigns down the road.

    • We will recommend easy-to-use technology tools to help you create and manage your campaigns. 

    • Our plan for you will be guided by data and well-crafted messaging, so that science and art come together to create a campaign that both informs and persuades consumers to take action on your products and services.